Research Fields

Cromatron Technology

  • Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Image, Video and Audio Processing

  • Facial Recognition

  • BlockChain Technology

  • Economics & Finance

  • Web & App Technology

  • Mechanical Automation and Robotics

  • Ecommerce, Resource Planning & Management

Who We Are

Cromatron is an R & D team of Researchers and Technology Enthusiasts who have come together to share, research, collaborate and develop cutting-edge tech solutions to problems in Technology, Science, Economics, Finance, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Medicine.

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Cromatron is conducting R&D with numerous applications especially the information sector and media industry by developing a system that uses Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence through . . .

The investment feasibility and profitability recommendation system uses data extracted from the internet plus data uploaded by the user to analyse and make predictions. Based on the results . . .

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